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Title: Various
Artist: The Beatles
The Album covers are in great condition apart from a slight discolouration through age only seen on Help, Revolver, and with the Beatles.

All have the original inner sleeves and records have been played only a few times on a half decent turntable, and before selling played one last time to see if any problems:

Apart from a couple clicks between two tracks on two albums, all the albums play perfect except for below:

A fault in the Help album where it stops playing between ‘I’ve Just seen a face’ and ‘Yesterday’. It is just before Yesterday so is possible to play the next tracks by skipping this bit. Think this was a fault in the pressing rather than any damage!

The Red Album 1962 -1966 has a few visible scratches that only are audible at times, the records have worn through the bottoms of the inner sleeves. (Both albums)

The Blue Album 1967 to 1970 has a light scratch across half the playing surface on side 1 but on side 2 it stops playing at the end of Magical Mystery Tour. sides 3 and 4 are great condition.

We use the following to grade our albums etc:

Mint (M)
The record is in new condition with no surface marks or deterioration in sound quality. The Cover is in perfect condition.

Excellent (Ex)
The record shows signs of having been played but displays minimal deterioration in sound quality. The Cover may have slight wear or creasing.

Very Good (VG)
The record has been played more than a few times. Surface marks and light scratches evident but no major deterioration of sound quality. The Cover – normal wear and tear without major defects.

Good (G)
The record has noticeable deterioration of sound quality due to playing. Some  distortion/scratches. The Cover has suffered from either folding, scuffing of edges, spine splits and discolouration, or a combination of one or more, but not all.

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