Sell Your Albums and CD’s

We want your used Vinyl Albums and Compact Discs

How to Sell (or Exchange)
Decide how you wish to sell as we have two options, Cash for Goods as seen or we can work with you to try and obtain a higher premium than you may have otherwise received with Sale or Return. If you can drop your items in to us even better – we are based in Great Barr.

Cash for Goods
We will make you an offer for the albums you wish to sell, but it will be somewhat lower than working with us on the sale or return option. We will then take over ownership of the goods after testing and sell them via many different outlets including our own web site and through well known auction sites, do all the shipping etc.

Sale or Return
Here we do all the advertising for you, enter all the details and research the items to obtain the best price possible for the condition and rarity. You can put on a reserve price so we don’t sell too cheaply! Once sold, and the customer has gone past the statutory cooling off period where they can return the goods, we will send you payment – cheque or PayPal.

What our Charges have to Cover
In two words – our experience. Poorly advertised will realise much lower prices for inexperienced private sellers. If needed we give the albums a good clean/inspection and sometimes play test them. We then describe any scratches or marks. We will also answer any questions.

To cover all these costs we charge 40% of the total selling price for advertising them on our site and other well known sites. Our costs include the transaction costs, storage as it may take weeks to sell, bank account interest. We also do all the packing to make sure the items arrive safe with extra thick mailing envelopes for vinyl albums, all fully insured. We also sell them on EBay – as most of the work has been done. We will use Buy it Now or auction to try and get the best deal for you.

We then send you payment when sold at the end of the following month.

Please use this form to submit your items for sale and we will come back to you

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