Sell Your HiFi

Why Sell to us?

We will offer you a cash or cheque deal on your equipment after filling in the form below. The price paid will be dependent on condition, original box and packaging, plus any accessories such as remote control, power cable (if not built in) and interconnects.

We will even consider items that are not working or poor condition as spares are hard if not impossible to get for older items. In this way we help sell Hi-Fi to new customers that might have otherwise  been scrapped. We will need some kind of proof that the equipment is yours to sell of course.

All this saves you the hassle of selling on well known auction sites as in our experience most people do not advertise their prized Hi Fi equipment properly, the hassle of packaging, decent photos, accurate description, returns etc.

Don’t even think of ‘Collection only’ as that will realise much lower prices for inexperienced private sellers.

What We do

The equipment goes into our workshop where we often strip down items and thoroughly clean them, service parts that need and replace parts where we can.

This ensures there are no nasty surprises for the new owner – something you may have missed when selling and end up getting the item returned. We clean any scratchy sounding switches, clean and buff delicate laser lenses etc.

When ready a nice set of photos, plus accurate description are placed within an advert to sell the item, and offer after sales advice where occasional problems occur from shipping, cold weather, etc.

We have experience of packaging and use very strong quality boxes to ship equipment.

The Next Step
Look out your old Hi Fi that is in your loft etc as it will deteriorate with time, especially belts on turntables and cassette decks more likely to need replacing before selling, but at least you will have some cash for stuff you are not using anymore. Then tell us about it

We are now based in Great Barr after having an office in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter. Best to make an appointment to make sure we are there, and can test your equipment over a cuppa!

What do we buy

Most Hi Fi separates including complete systems, Albums, CD’s and some hi-end shelf systems. We do not buy DJ equipment, ghetto blasters,  in-wall/ceiling speakers etc.

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